Yo! What type of shirts do you guys print on?

- We currently print on Next Level shirts.
  They're lighweight, breathable & have some stretch to 'em
So, not like your band shirts.

Just ordered, so when can I expect my stuff?

- Orders are usually processed between 1-3 business days.
  Shipping is another 3-5 depending on where you live.

I live in San Antonio, I don't want to pay for shipping because that's stupid. What do I do?

- Email us. Maybe we can have something arranged.

So what's the deal with you guys? What all do you do or what?

- Good question, we design everything & try to have everything printed locally or by us.

Can you make a logo or design something for me/band/company/grandma etc?

- Yea! We'd be stoked to work with you!
  Email us with all the info & we'll get back to you ASAP with the details.

So um, I have a weird question? 

- We'll probably have a weird answer!